Youth Ministry


Education Ministry

Leader: Juanita Wright

The Education Ministry is instrumental in promoting excellence in education through the Word of God. Students are actively involved in Study Hall, Tutorial Programs, College and Career Days, Scholarship Banquet, Recognition and Awards Programs, STAAR  Review, and College tours to enhance their education.




HSBC Marching Drill Team/Bible Drillers

Leader: Sandra Williams

The goal the Marching Drill Team is to teach and train young people through the unique ministry of witnessing as they are marching and drilling in the Word of God.



Youth Discipleship Ministry (YDM)

Leader: Brenna Fairbanks

The Youth Discipleship Ministry is designed to minister to the needs of young people between the ages of two (2) or thirty (30). The YDM will actively practice the presence of Christ by serving Him others through the church. The Ministry will seek to develop strong Christian leadership characteristics, individual self-awareness, and a wholesome interest in others. This Ministry will develop a proper attitude concerning discipleship and the stewardship of living.




Praise Dance Ministry

Leader: Tameka Williams and Amber Houston

The Praise Dance Ministry ministers to God’s people through liturgical dancing. There are several praise dance ministries for youth which includes God’s Little Angels, Fruit of the Spirit and Angels of Praise.




God’s Silent Voices Mime Ministry

Leader: Sean Richards and LaShanda Richards

God’s Silent Voices Mime Ministry is comprised of young men who share their gifts through miming. This ministry not only focuses on miming but teaches discipline and brotherhood.



Joy in Jesus (JIJ)

Leader: Velita Harris and Vequila Kelly

The mission of JIJ is training God’s children ages 6 weeks to 11 about His goodness through musical Christian based activities during worship training our children about God, His Love, and  His Son, Jesus, at their level of understanding in through songs, arts ‘n crafts, games, role playing etc. The goal is to lead our children to Christ with an understanding that He loves and cares for them through bible bingo, books of the bible jump rope, learning holiday stories, memory games, action songs, arts ‘n crafts and other activities.



Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Leader: Andrea Foster

Vacation Bible School is designed to lead students to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior during the summer while away from school.VBS is also designed to present clear and concise observations, interpretation and application of Biblical truths in a fun and engaging program which will help students to come to know God’s faithfulness as shown through His Word.



Junior SSA Ministry

Leader: E’Lan Lattimore and Kalan Shaw

The Junior Sanctuary Service attendants ministry strives to honor the Lord by serving HIS people in an excellent way. This ministry provides order by helping members and visitors find adequate seating, providing envelopes, give direction during the offering period, and serve wherever there is a need.




Youth Choir

Leader: Ra’Kisha Woodard

The Youth Choir seek to lead in praise and worship through singing. Youth are able to express themselves in Christ through music. You will learn the importance of praise and worship as well as sing gospel songs relatable to youth in this generation.


Concerned Parents Association

Leader: Myrna Johnson

The Concerned Parents Association (C.P.A.) is a ministry of Holman Street Baptist Church that consists of parents and other adults who are concerned about the complete development of our young people spiritually, culturally, socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.


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